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Governorship Aspirants Accuses Amosun of Persecuting ADP

The  Action Democratic Party ADC, Gubernatorial Aspirant Capt Ladi Odulaja has raised alarm over what he described as ' an unbridled persecution'  of the party by the Governor of Ogun State Senator Ibikunle Amosun who he alleged has been doing all things humanly possible to suffocate the party and truncate its wonderful advancement  in  the state 

In a press statement made available to the news men in Abeokuta today , Captain Odulaja said that ' we hereby urgently call the attention of the public to the prosecution scheme being viciously launched, implemented and executed by Governor Amosun against ADC in Ogun State which patently manifested in the locking and closing down of the Secretariat of the party located on .ibara ,, Abeokuta
 A legal property duly acquired by the party to serve the interest of the party and its members .

He pointed out that Governor Amosun is scare stiff of the advancement being made by the new party which has been daily cultivating thousands of members and continuing to register wonderfully impressive members of the APC into the new party .

He revealed that ADC has conducted itself within the armbit of the law and has acquired the property with the prescribed provision of the Nigerian Constitution and other statues of the state .
' we therefore call on Nigerians and the public to take note of the persecutory scheme of Governor Amosun who is afraid of ADC and his primitive tatics . 

His lattest action is uncalled for , unwarranted and a slap on the fundamental right of the party which must and will be repelled through reasonable and legal means ' .

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