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Dr. Ope Banwo
Prior to Founder and CEO of Nollytainment Inc, Ope Banwo on his return from a successful trip to Silicon Valley USA he further revealed on his new project, Nollycloud. The internet guru further explains other components of the Nollytainment ecosystem with the exchange of Nollycoin which includes:
1. Nolly Cinemas (A Blockchain enabled screening of movies at cinemas complete with a blockchain Nolly box office that lets people purchase movie tickets using cryptocurrency:
2. NollyFlix360 (An online Movie Streaming Platform that has been described by knowledgeable observers as a kind of Netflix on Steroids:
3. NollyShopper (An Amazon styled Marketplace/Online Mall for buying and selling of entertainment products and services that will be open to all artistes and products creators to sell their products and services. This will be accessible at
4. Nolly Varsity (An online and offline training and certification academy for aspiring entertainers, industry technicians and support personnel:
5. Nolly Funder — (A special crowdfunding platform for movie producers This will help qualifying producers raise funds for their projects through their fan base.
For more about Nollytainment’s ecosystem and participate in its ongoing crowdfunding campaign visit
This has come to stays as lots of Nollywood entrepreneur are buying into the new ideal. 

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