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Exposed! Ifako/Ijaiye Council Boss, Toba Oke's Randy Lifestyle, Lavishes Local Government Funds on Mistress

Toba Oke
He ranks among the anointed candidates of the Lagos-based politician of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu at the last LG elections which eventually won him second term in office as the Executive Chairman of Ifako/Ijaiye Local Government of Lagos State.

Since his fabled re-election, however, Apostle Toba Oke’s profligacy during his first outing as the LG boss will not cease to abate as there are now probable pointers at where he was squandering the council’s funds and may even do worse this time around that he is at more liberty to navigate the same ostentatious route.

This, in essence, may continue to manifest negatively at the expense of the good people of the LG area, and this may have been the main reason why many leaders and stake holders initially declined to lend their support Toba Oke in the run-up to the July 22 LG polls; as he is not transparently seen as a grassroots democrat and also very profligate when it comes to the local government funds. In the wake of his victory at the polls, many unsavoury reports, though not substantiated, about Toba Oke’s indiscriminate looting of the council’s till are leaving a sour taste in the mouth, albeit at the expense of the suffering constituents of the LGA.

One of the very damning reports, according to our very impeccable source, has it that Toba Oke, who is allegedly believed to be in a steamy relationship with a certain married woman, recently, squandered several millions of Naira to erect a massive block of four flats for his lover at Matogun area of Ogun state, the source of which is better imagined.

The lady in question is chocolate-coloured, medium sized and resides close to Toba Oke’s Obawole known residence on Banire Street, in Ifako, Ogba.

Interestingly, Toba Oke’s mistress and the many perks she has benefitted from her lover boy Council boss, is now seriously causing untold damages and skirmishes to the once blissful marriage of Toba, as his legal wife is desperately threatening fire and brimstone, to the extent of not wanting to play a second fiddle to any woman for that matter.

But in the same vein of rather conceding to her husband’s Casanova tendencies, the wife has allegedly blurted that in as much as her husband is still taking care of her and her children he can continue to do what he likes with his new-found lover.

And as if this will not in any way rattle or deter the defiant Toba, he is believed to be so fond of the other woman, that he cannot do without this beautiful married secret lover of his, that most times they are always together at their love nest in Excellence Hotel, in Aguda, Ogba, having the best time without minding whose ox is gored.

Apart from the new house he just built for her Juliet, the infidel lover is said to have benefitted immensely in other areas like juicy contracts, cash and kind gestures amongst many other stupendous perks.

To boot, and without attempting to further disparage the unrepentant Local Government boss, his mindless and inordinate spending of the council’s purse may just have resumed a bigger dimension, now that he is back in the saddle, even when there are still several abandoned projects yet to be completed in the area during his first outing, which must now be begging for attention. Forget about his campaign promises of wanting to come back to finish his unfinished projects; a leopard will forever retain its colour. Besides, the monumental debt profile he left behind as first term LG Boss is still a subject of concern for many in the area, who even swore not to give him another opportunity to go in there again as chairman; only for the benevolence and magnanimity of his godfather in Bourdillon whose word is law in any ambit of the APC in Lagos State. The fact still remains that Toba Oke’s second coming may even be more disastrous than the first equally disastrous and non-beneficial to his constituents, except his foot soldiers and of course his many philandering co-partners and mistresses.

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