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CCC Peace of Christ Parish, Maryland, USA Gears Up For 19th Adult Harvest Celebration

Preparation are in full swing for the 19th Adult Harvest of Celestial Church of Christ, Peace of Christ Parish, Maryland, USA. The church which is under the pastoral of V.M.S.E Martin Oshin and the harvest committee are leaving no stone unturned concerning the forthcoming Adult Harvest.
The church recently celebrate an additional church member, a new born baby, christened yesterday, 8th of August, 2017.
The church's harvest invitation is far spread across the continent among C.C.C leaders from all corners of America including CCC leaders in Nigeria.
The 19th Harvest is slated for Sunday, October 29, 2017 at the church auditorium, 5804 Roanoke Avenue, Riverdale, Maryland 20737 at 11am.
Peace of Christ Parish is a C.C.C family church on-like the other C.C.C Parishes in America which are community church. Love is shared among the congregation led by the Shepherd in charge, V.M.S.E Oshin.

More on the church harvest as event unfolds.

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