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I May Disagree With Senator Omisore Politically, But Socially We are One & We Can't Forget Our Roots -Hon. Rotimi Makinde

I am still in shock to see that in this clime election seasons always seem to be rough on friendships, this is utterly regrettable. We must learn to align with the fact that friendships and families are actually too precious to throw away for transient reasons.

So many people I know are getting into Facebook fights, Twitter wars, Instagram arguments, and Snapchat squabbles. What begins as an ideological dispute ends in bitterness. People are provoking others, demanding those who do or don’t support their candidates leave their networks, cutting ties with friends and family, and all because of political differences.

People perceive the stakes this year and beyond to be that high or even higher. To be sure, political philosophy does matter and does carry high stakes. However, the partisan struggle for the control of the Federal, State and LG apparatus by this or that temporary manager doesn’t matter as much as election season seems to suggest. You might observe any dissatisfaction in the conduct of any electoral process or feel manipulated or marginalized which is understandable, however friendships and families are actually too precious to throw away. It’s a pity to cause permanent rifts, which is so unnecessary and needless.

To specifically put the records straight my relationship with my elder brother and kinsman, Senator Iyiola Omisore is purely on social ground and it has nothing to do with with politics. We are both of Ife origin and Ife has no political colouration as far as I'm concerned. The video which has been trending on the social media where Ayinde Marshal was pouring encomium on me and Senator Omisore was captured at a social gathering merely on a principle of work-life-balance.

Those insinuating erroneous political affiliation out of that must be accordingly guided and please desist from spreading such falsehoods. I will never deny or treat with contempt or disdain anyone very close to me for any reason, people must also know that myself and Otunba Omisore both served Ife at the National Assembly, he was in the Senate and I served in House of Representatives, and we appreciated each others contributions at that level. Again the Yoruba culture is very clear on respect for our elders, and for those who know me very well, they will attest to the fact that I put Ife first in everything I do,i was born because of ife and that will never be compromised under any guise. The reality again is that politics is local and grassroots inclined; and as far as Ife is concerned, Omisore is a factor. I should even be glad that the likes of Omisore are even seeing the potentials in me at a time like this.

One thing is very clear about me, I came into politics through the Almighty God and God might have used some people to bring me into politics, of course Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, my Governor, my leader and my mentor, is a key phenomenon who facilitated my political relevance and all I have become in life politically, indeed I remain loyal to him and our party APC, these are facts that can never be suppressed or misrepresented.

It is also true that everything about me is designed by God. My steps are ordered by God. I make bold to say that what I have achieved in my entire life are by the grace of God. Whilst I was in private and public sector doing performing my legitimate duties records show that I do my work with all my energy and passion for the good of all. For some people to say I wanted to be deputy governor, I don’t know anything about that. I have heard about it, but I know that when the time comes, where God says I would go, that is where I would be. However, I am not over-ambitious. I take each day as it comes, God will define my path and I can never be disappointed.

*****Hon Rotimi Makinde represented Ife Federal Constituency at the House of Representatives (2011-2015). He is a member of the ruling APC in Osun State****

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