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The latest parent

According to MAESTRO'S MEDIA, it is a girlllllllll, a super gorgeous baby girl at that!!!!!!!!!! And it's elation galore.

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the Jagaban of Borgu and his wife Senator Remi Tinubu are currently on cloud 9 presently as they have welcomed their latest grandchild into the world, a bouncing baby girl!!!!

Seyi Tinubu's sumptuously gorgeous wife, Layal Tinubu after hiding very well her tummy and that she underwent the compulsory 9 months course, has finally put to bed and the new born, is as gorgeous as the mom, a very healthy bouncing baby princess. So it's not only the Tinubu's that are on cloud 9, so also is the elder sister lookalike mom of Layal, Mrs. Holm who has just wrlcomed her first ever grandchild!!!

The family deserves a very big CONGRATULATIONS on this good news. We are so sure, that this super goal must have been scored while the couple were at the Como Lake, Milan picturesque venue of the romantic wedding about a year ago, which most definitely would have been the ideal setting for a champion's league final game, between these 2-evenly matched team, Seyi FC & Layal FC during which the crucial mesmeric goal must have been scored.

Mother and child are said to be in fantastic condition. Seyi the new daddy is said to be giddy with excitement at being a new daddy yo.

This baby coming now just adds to the excitement that's already on ground, as Seyi's brand​ Loatsad Promo, an advert agency is enjoying very plenty of attention as we speak and raking in good money from it.

The bouncing baby girl was born at the Great Portland Hospital, which is located on the Great Portland Street at the West end of London in Marylebone. It is a private hospital, in fact the only private hospital in the whole of London dedicated entirely to the care of women and children. The hospital was established in 1983, and in that 34 years of existence, over 32000 children have been born there. It's the same hospital where Prince Andrew's girls Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie were born, so also the children of many other stars and celebrities, likes of the Spice Girls, Boris Becker etc.

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