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I Rather Show Love, Concern to My Colleague, Even If They Hate Me To My Face - Nollywood Actor, Yomi Fabiyi

Whatever prompted Nolloywood veteran actor, Yomi Fabiyi spills words in this manner, it most worth it... The young talented actor took to his IG page and ....

I normally don't see who feel too big than me today (time will tell and remind them). I normally don't see who ignore me or feel blessed than me. I know who have what I dont have and those who do not have what I have. Everything is not fame and money.

I don't know who don't like me or hurt me secretly. My own role is to show them love, care and support all my life and I will continue to do. What is my business if they do not appreciate me back (they are playing their own role). Some even pull me down, when it is time, Joseph's brothers cannot reach him with their hate.
I am never in competition with any of my colleague and I feel no envy towards anyone, too blessed to envy. If I cannot do what some do or know who they know to get to where they are now, I don't have to force to be where they are or feel bad not there yet.

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