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Drama: Ibadan Based Online Hair Product Seller @arikehair Rain Curses on Seasoned Journalist, Oyinkansola Adedoyin Over N10,000


Story as narrated by Oyinkansola Adedoyin

It is said that Queens support queens, and women are encouraged to patronise their fellow women, and this is exactly what I did, not realising some are mere animals who dont deserve any iota of respect and patronage.
Such is the case of @arikehair.
I stumbled on her page and like her weaves and wigs, and i started asking around for her, until someone mentioned to me that she was nominated for @ibadanaffairs IWA awards last month, so I figured it can't be a fraud account.
Three weeks ago I called her up and showed interest in a particular wig and weave on totalling 30k. She said I either pay or make deposit, at first I was sceptical, but two weeks ago, I made a deposit of 5k which is something I can let go of in case she is fraud.
Last week Thursday, she said she has 3tone contact lens, so I sent her 15k, which is money for a wig, and the lens which she said is 5k because its 3tone, and the initial 5k deposit should still be left for weave on, told her I will pick this week as I needed to travel. On Friday morning, while using the contacts, I released she delivered TWO different colors grey and blue, and the contacts aren't 3tones as she said. I called her, and she claimed it was a mistake which will eventually cost her because no one will pick the other pair because I've opened it. I told her not to worry, I will pick d other pair when I get back from my trip. Something am actually supposed to return, or she changes and give me what I paid for.
Nonetheless, I still advertised her and my sis asked for the price of the contact without solution, and she said 3k/3.5k. All I replies was what! Kilode, the one I bought is 1500, which is true, I even purchased another one on Saturday because I couldn't use the one she sold to me for #1700 and that was where the abuse, curse, insult and insolence started.

This over bleached money miss road called @arikehair insulted and abused me from head to toe. She started by calling my mobile and called me a stupid senseless fool. I was dumbfounded, I had to end the call and stare at the screen of my phone to be sure I received a call from the same person who still has my 5k with her as deposit for weave on. Just as I was doubting if she meant to call someone else, she sent me two voice notes of more insults. All because I said I bought another contact #1500, even though I already bought mine from her, am only asking because of my sister's own.
I got angry and replied her. Then blocked her on whatssap, so I sent her a text, that am no longer interested in patronising her, she can please send my deposit back in case she doesn't want my trouble but guess what! She replied me with unbelievable insults that will now, am still doubting if she knows who she's chatting with.

She followed my personal and business page, and even told me am in debt. This is someone who I never met until when she came to deliver my wig, I paid for delivery to my doorstep, and yet I drove to meet her halfway when she said she does delivery herself. She was never my friend, so am shocked she's claiming am in debt and to be careful who I tell my problems as I don't have any problem. I told her to keep the 5k and the contact, as I leave her and her miserable life and business to God, but she said she's a millionaire, and 5k isn't her problem and she can even help me with my own problems.

So I told her she's right. She doesn't deserve my money, as am not an uncultured over bleached hippopotamus like her, therefore, she should deliver the other pair of contact with solution to my sister shop and she will pay for the delivery as money seems to be her major problem.
She replied and told me I don't deserve delivery and when am ready, I will come to her store to pick whatever my money is worth.

@ibadanbusinessentrepreneur, @careepreneur and other youth empowerment organisations do seminars and summits from time to time to let people know that having a capital isn't the only thing attaches to entrepreneur. You have to learn clientele management and marketing strategy, as an entrepreneur, you have to be humble, diligent and approachable. I never insulted this idiot cum entrepreneur called @arikehair when she started hurling insults on me. She even said am a fool for posting my husband and kids pictures.

Madam millionaire @arikehair, don't let my always smiling baby face fool you, I know what am worth and am not ready to compete with you materially! But just so you know, i am royalty, a direct princess to the Adedoyin Akarigbo kingdom in shagamu, i was not only raised in the palace, i have dined and worked with kings and reputable persons you will never meet.
Also,  I'm a seasoned journalist, a cosmetologist, a good wife, and mother, and my little  makeup studio will buy your hair store over two times, my NGO is worth more than whatever you will collate in the next 20years. So just because you went to China doesn't mean I haven't been on a flight before.  Maybe i put you in my hang luggage when next the kids are going for vacation. Ooops, you're too big to fit into a hand luggage, you're a full luggage yourself.

You need to get yourself into a good business school to run @arikehair the way it should. Don't be too proud to attend summits and seminars, humble yourself, learn how to manage and respect customers. I don't believe in customers are always right either, but some of us don't deserve your insolence and uncultured attitude. I waited 5days before writing this, hoping you will realise you hurled your frustration on the wrong client, but alas, you are wanton.
I don't hate you, and I wish you well. But from a fellow woman, you need to go back to your mother and the elders in your house,  to teach you some proper home training and respect.
And yes, am still coming to pick my 5k as that's what you want, but in case you changed your mind, you still have my account number.

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