Ads Top Driver Beats Female Passenger Mercilessly In Lagos (Pics) 

As shared by facebook user Christy......

'So now we have graduated from husbands beating their wives to cab drivers beating their female passengers?

Meaning, our daughters, our sisters, can get beaten up by cab drivers anytime any day! 

This young lady Zainab Bakare was beaten up by a cab driver from on Sunday the 7th of May and till today he is still walking about a free man like he didn't commit any crime! What if he has killed her?

And when she reported the issue to the Nigeria Police force, she was told to go home and sort it out as family.

Taxify in Nigeria what have you done or will do about this please? Have you disciplined that unruly Driver of yours in any way? Is your company is aware that domestic violence is a crime in Lagos State as far as Governor Akinwunmi Ambode is concerned?

Have you disciplined that unruly Driver of yours in any way? 

Please do the needful. Dsvrt Lagos Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team of Lagos State Government please help us look into this case since the police sent her back home. Please help us. We are seriously counting on you dsvrt . Police Command Headquarters Ikeja Lagos State Police Command please help get justice for Zainab Bakare. Thank you. 

If you stand against violence against women please lend your voice and help Zainab get justice. God bless you as you do'

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