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Sex and Envelopes ...Now He Wants Me to Marry Him!

Shybell, you are doing a great job but i see no reason why you didn't post my story. Please i need urgent response pls.....
I don't get my boyfriend, we met at my office, he asked me out officially and we started dating.
As soon as we started dating, all he does is have sex with me and give me envelopes filled with money, not less than 70k every time we have sex, we don't talk or play, all he does is call me and have sex with me,as soon as we are done, he just give me the brown envelope and back me. I was enjoying it not until he asked me to marry him yesterday, he did not even give me the ring,he put it inside an envelope with some money and a note, then later called me to get my answer. I told him to give me time, so I am here SBM family for all your advise . What do u all think? He does not even know where I am from he has never asked, we don't talk, even during sex, he just have sex and back me, after sex I get an envelope.
Am confused and worried. Am 29, am over due  for marriage...

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  1. Go to church for cleansing and thanksgiving..and run for your dear life.


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