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My 'Broke' Boyfriend Loves to Correct My English in Public

He will not even allow me to finish talking and the next thing is correction, either spelling or saying. We went out this evening and we where all gisting. With friends and I said I can't wait to go home and lie in my bed, he did not allow me complete, he said baby it is not in my bed, it is on my bed, baby on, on, he spelt it out baby ON, stop speaking English like I bush girl. Even his friends told him that it was uncalled for, this is not the first time he is doing such . I got upset and walked to the car. As we drove home, he now came to ask me money for fuel, in his words, baby give me 5k let me top up fuel, then I replied telling him, it is not baby give me 5k, it is baby give me your 5k let me buy fuel not top up, mr English teacher that don't have money. Then he picked offense, asked me to get down from his car, which I did and he drove off and left me. I just jejely took a cab home.  I know he will read this but just for you to know, it is over between us, don't come begging. As for the money you borrowed from me, I dash you, Mr. English teacher.

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