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Moji Olaiya, You Made Me Start Okiki Dilms -Sunday Esan Pens Emotional Tribute.

What will I write about you that will stop my pains and tears? How do I describe you to the world, Abike? You are my friend. My very good friend. U made me start Okiki films. U introduced me to Wale Lawal that registered me as a film marketer. U are the only true friend I have that I can call my own in the industry. We started as friends, you eventually became my sister. U are the true brand ambassador of Okikifilms.
U sat directly opposite me before your trip. We discussed about almost everything under the sun, we laughed together, I shed tears when I got to know of some things and u assured me that “Esan, ma worry, everything ma wa okay”
I was always at fault anytime we had issues and U will still say, “Ok, mabinu Esan” Ah, Moji, U were a rare gem.
I know you didn’t want to go so soon. You had your plans and dreams, most of which I know of. You wouldn’t for any amount in the world intentionally make both your dear mum and Adun, shed tears.
We love you so much Moji. My head bangs. Our friends from all over the world have been calling since yesterday to confirm the veracity of the story. The truth is that U are gone. Gone till we meet again in heaven.
O daaro ore bi omo iya.

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