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He Keeps Throwing Me Out Of His Car And Now He Wants Me To Marry Him, Should I?

This is the 10th time my boyfriend will be pushing me out of his car in the middle of nowhere. He has never beaten me before but when he is angry he either push me out of his car or out of his house like a slave, then come back to beg.
The one that happened this morning was when we went to church, he said I should clean the red lip stick I was wearing and I refused, so he ignored me, we got to church, for me to sit down, he used his hanki dragged my face and cleaned off the lips stick, in church and people where just looking at us. i kept calm. After church he was giving me attitude, I ignored him, got into the car, after he was done buying fuel, he started playing with me, I frowned my face, he held my hand I pushed him away. The next thing I heard was, get out of my car , he packed and unhooked my seat belt, told me to get out, I was still sitting in tears and he came down from his sit and dragged me out.

Threw out my bag and heels and zoomed off. I took a cab to my house and made up my mind never to go back to him again , but he came back this evening to beg me, but this time with an engagement ring. I am so confused and scared. Marriage with him is very scaring. I need advise pls. I love this man I won't lie I really love him.

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  1. He is a mentally psychologically sick man. Pls run for your life! Bcos it can only get worst


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