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Bizarre: Bride-to-be & Her Fiance Die In Auto Crash

Every morning prayer, may God not allow the enemy to take you unawares, may he not let death take you at the verge of success or achievement in Jesus name ...Amen.
This Benue State born bride-to-be, Queen Ann Ochanga and her fiance were killed in a fatal accident enroute from Port Harcourt to Lagos. 

The couple got engaged in 2016. Ann studied International Trade Relations at Coventry University, United Kingdom. Her last post on Facebook was on May 12th 2017 and it reads: 

“Whatever God allow to come our way is meant to strengthen us in some way…”

Her friend Maria Enewa Ogboji confirmed the sad news on Facebook and wrote:

“So sad we lost this beautiful sister and her husband-to-be to the cold hands of death. They couldn’t survive the auto crash on their way from Port Harcourt to Lagos. Tears all over my eyes. RIP my sister and friend, Queen Ann Ochoga. Find a place in the Lord.”

Its well. May their souls rest in perfect peace. Amen.

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