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Apapa Local Government Leader, Alh Tunde Balogun Kicks Against Tinubu's Imposition of LG Candidate

The leader of APC on Apapa Local Government Alh Tunde Balogun has vowed to mobilize against the imposition of a particular candidate in Apapa LG for the coming LG election. In a meeting called today in his office at Itapeju Apapa, attended by some selected leaders, members of save Apapa group and selected aspirants he vowed to ensure that Asiwaju's candidate will not make it in Apapa even if they accept in other LGs, he told them Asiwaju called him to a meeting in his house at Bourdilon on Friday begging him to accept Adele's candidacy but that he refused.
Other aspirants criticized Alh Balogun for initially picking a candidate on their behalf without their consent and that he has been running the local Govt with impunity. Alh Tunde Balogun in response apologized and said henceforth he would carry everyone along.
Different committees were set up that include those who will arrange a press conference to condemn the imposition in Apapa, team to arrange buses and organize people to go and protest in Bourdilon, Acme and residences of selected leaders. As well as a team to search for boys with and outside the Local Govt to cause pockets of violence within Apapa until something is done. 'I have been loyal all years and my loyalty cannot take me beyond this point" was the conclusion by him.

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