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Am Tired of Being on Top During Love Making (Blog Reader)

Good morning Shybell, i need you to help me publish this on your blog. Am really losing it. I am this kind of guy that always want to be the boss, do everything and always be in charge, but lately it is becoming annoying.

For 3 years now since I got married, my wife has never done the riding, I am always on top doing the work while she is always enjoying, she does not even give me head except I force her, all she does is lie down and moan, after sex she will hail me and call me her super man, spider man, Ben ten, and bat man. But I am tired of answering all that name, I need her to climb me too so I can enjoy it.
I suggested it to her, just for her to try, and she said it is an abomination in her place, in Imo State for a woman to climb a man, she will never have kids again if she does it.
I have asked all my Imo friends and they said it is a lie. I have spoken to her, but she said it is a mans duty to be on top of a woman.
I just cheated on her and the girls bed climbing game is 100 percent, she rocked me for 45 min till I poured and she was not tired. I confessed to my wife about my cheating so she can be active, but she still refused, she said even if I sleep with 200 ladies she will never be on top.
Please how do I make my wife be on top during sex. She does completely nothing, nothing at all.

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