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Should I Use My Husband For Money Ritual? He Used Our Children's School Fees to buy His Girlfriend an iPhone 7

I got a better paying job than my husband and because I had my masters and he did not so we could not even switch, so he decided to quit his little paying job since my salary can take care of the home, and decided to stay with The  kids.
I made sure i provided for the family, still came back home, cook, clean, and still sex him after a long days job. I was playing the role of a man and a woman without complaining. I refused to employ a maid because of the stories I hear about oga sleeping with maids so I did everything by myself just to protect my home.
I gave my husband 500k for our children's school fees to go pay and he gave me the impression that it has been sorted out. One day I came back from work my kids told me that their teacher said they should pay their school fees before exam, so I asked my husband and he said it must be a mistake so I overlooked.
Not until yesterday his phone was ringing and ringing, I did not intend to pick or snoop, but I just wanted to tell the person to call back when a text message pooped in.
Thanks for the phone baby, I love you silly .
So I decided to go into his inbox and whatssap messages, that was how I realised that my husband used our children's school fees to buy this girl a phone, (baby I know I promised u a phone but just send me ur pussy pics I don't mind using my children's school fees to make u happy, then sort it out later) that was the chat .
My head started spinning, as if I was going to drop dead. I ran to  the kitchen, picked a knife, and dropped it, I was just mad .
When he came in and I asked him, he lied and I slapped him, he slapped me back and walked out.
I did not go to work today, I am just busy thinking of how to punish him so bad that he will wish for death .
Help me out am dying please.
I need suggestions before he gets back from wherever he went to, so I have to pay this school fees over and over again . Should I sell off his car and cloths ? Should I sell off his phone or even sell him or use him for money ritual. Help.

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