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Good evening SBM. I must compliment your good works on ig and your blog too. Please post my Story cause I really need an advice.
I'm in a relationship with a graduate and I'm in 200l now. Our relationship is just 5months old. It started in the month of March when I observed that my boyfriend was always engrossed in his chat on Facebook and I discovered that he is always chatting with a particular girl. I decided to use my phone to spy on him and I discovered that he was developing feelings for her. When I asked him, (without letting him know that I was spying) he said that the girl just loves him.

Until last two weeks she sent a nude pic to him on Facebook and I was so hurt that I had to ask him for his phone and pretended as if I saw the pics in his gallery and he's still not aware that I logged into his account.

Now shits are getting pretty serious b/w them. He's even telling her how pleased he will be to have her in bed and making plans to go and see her at lagos. Please do you really think that this guy still loves me? Or should I call the girl cause I have her number now or should I just play dump.
Please advise me on what to do cause I'm really feeling bad.
Thanks SBM for pasting my story. I will be reading your comments.

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