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Help!!! How Do I Deal With This Situation .. I Lost The Opportunity of Spending The Rest of My Life with The One I Love

Hello SBM I need peoples opinion as to how i can deal with this situation.
I lost the chance to spend the rest of my life with the love of my life. I have always felt a connection with this guy but never acted upon it because people warned me of him that he his a player and i shouldn't mess with him. Deep down i have always felt a connection with him, even just by him saying hello i am mesmerized. I have always thought a guy like him can't be interested in me.
Fast forward years later I married someone else and we are okay and cool... but the thought of this other guy is constantly in my mind. I had the opportunity to get to know him more as a friend which didn't help the situation as it only made my feelings explode to a new dimension. He told me i was the one, and he has always felt it but didn't know how to go about approaching me. When we look at each other, it is obvious the feelings are mutual but it is too late now from my side.
I found out that i am completely myself and with him I feel at peace to be truly me. Right there i knew he has always been the one for me. However, i am married but for some reason i cant seem to let go of this other guy. I feel lost when i don't hear from him and months can go by not speaking to him.. Every single day i think of him so much. It is almost as if i need him in my life to function properly. I don't know what to do. How do i forget the love of my life and move on from missing him everyday ? I have tried to forget him, but it is not working. What do i do? please help...

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