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Got married Few Hours Ago and Discovered My Chief Bride Maid is Pregnant for My Husband...

Shybell please help me....
I just got married today, few hours ago.
I went to Change from my wedding dress into my gown to prepare for the reception, my husband left his phone with me to go help his mum do something quickly,then a text came in,I did not want to read it but his phone started ringing, I quickly picked up but the person cut off, so I went to the text message .
My chief brides maid is pregnant for my husband . I just closed the message , before my husband rushed in and asked for his phone . The wedding is over now and I am just sitting in the hotel room in front of the mirror and wondering what to do with my findings . Any idea how I can handle this temptation today of all day . Am trying so hard to be calm but the foolish girl just keeps showing up and wanting to talk to me and gist.
What do I do people?

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  1. Break the marriage. He's not worth it. Otherwise your chief bridesmaid will have another baby right under you nose and you'll be shocked for life.


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