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Good morning SBM, Please what I'm about to share is a sad story but I want we all to learn from it cos I the victim have already put my shattered pieces together.
Early this year I met a guy, He's cool and fun to be with. He loves me passionately, thou thatz what he claims thou.
On the 6th of January this year he proposed to me and I rejected cos he's a short man and it detests me so much in a man, after the curses and advice I received from the friends I decided to say YES to the guy.
Meanwhile, my immediate relationship has done nothing wrong. He's a calm, caring and loving fellow. He loves to please me despite of my flaws. I remember when I was sick and he risk his job to visit me but my new found relationship was intoxicating me so I walked him out. He Neva relented till I made it obvious he's no longer wanted in my life.
Things were going down well between me and my new found love and he was communicating so well with my people and I found friendship with his friends too, I had to break up wit my guy who did me no wrong cos I thought I was getting married and was trying to love this suitor in as much as he's not what I wanted, my mum and everyone was putting pressure cos they saw nothing wrong wit him, at some point I started liking him then loved him only for this guy to decline, he didn't even leave me wit a word why he did so but I guess he has found another girl or maybe another victim. Each time I remember how he showed his face to my people and also how he traveled far to see my uncle all in the name of 'iju ase' my heart bleeds, but at the same time I'm happy because he was never what I wanted, I only put pressure to love him which worked. Right now I can't go back to my ex cos of the shame, wat will I tell him, how foolish will it sound saying it. Please I'm not here for your advice, i want to be the one to advice men that if you're not interested in any lady pls dnt move forward, even if you do and must decline pls make it official, Thx I so much love this page.
- Anonymous

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