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Because I didn't UNLOCK my phone, he's breaking up with me, I need ur advise plz....

Pls shybell I want you to post my story urgently please...

OK my bf and I have been together for 2years Now, he broke me, he's always complaining that I don't cook well, we don't liv together, I don't know how to do duties,but when my friends eat my food they always appreciate and ask me to teach them how to prepare it, I've bin trying to live with it. Now we were playing a game truth or dare,  I asked him when he choose truth, if when he went to his NYSC he had anything to do with a girl, he said he only kissed n touched her in camp but when the girl wanted more he told her he had a girlfriend, now he dared me when I chose dare to unlock my phone, I refused, reason being that his phone is on lock also and whenever I asked him to unlock it,  he'll tell me I don't trust him and all that, I should learn to trust him, but now that I didn't unlock mine, he travelled for work immediately and since then he hasn't talked to me whenever I call he doesn't pick, the next thing he told me "Fce it, ur nt stsfd wt me, if u'r u wnt evn gv@ no, tlk mor of hvng a cnvrstn. Ur disloyal, dishonest n u disregard me. And I can't hv dat. Just because I didn't unlock my phone.....what should I do pls?

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  1. I think you are dating someone with serious security issues and low self esteem, a little bit of jealousy is allowed from time to time but going to the extreme he's taking it I sense a bit of temper there and you must be very careful towing the life signing agreement with him. Try sending him a message explaining your reasons for not unlocking your phone and plead to have a sit-down conversation with him, I think after this steps you can make up your mind about this situation.


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