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Why Do We Celebrate Eledumare? Otunba Dr. Gani Adams

This question was asked and also answered in the speech of Olokun foundation chairman, Chief promoter, Oodua Progressive Union, Otunba Dr. Gani Adams. Read his response below....

Why do we celebrate Eledumare? We gather here today for two reasons;

First, we are here to glorify the highest God, who is the creator of all creatures.

He and He alone is the creator of all things and to Him we shall all return.

Again, Olokun Festival Foundation, no doubt, remains the foremost organization that celebrates Yoruba culture and tradition in the country.

We deem it good that, as we celebrate our cultural heritage and traditions, we should also play significant roles in identifying with our creator, as a race.

From all accounts, there is no doubt that Eledumare is the Supreme Being that controls both the earth and heaven.

Believers of various religious denominations believe in the supremacy of God, the omnipotent and the omniscience.

For the Muslims, Eledumare is called Allah, the Christians call him Jehovah and in the Yoruba parlance we call him Eledumare.

As the Supreme Being, He is awesome and he has the unique knowledge of both life and death.

That shows the supremacy of God to all creatures.

The Yoruba race holds Eledumare in high esteem. That is why they call him Eledumare, Oba Ajiki, Eledumare Oba Ajige,Oba ti o ju gbogbo Oba lo; meaning the foremost king that deserves all adoration.

Eledumare is the first and the last; Alpha and Omega.

He is in the best position to determine the fate of the entire world.

As His creature, the best we can offer him is praise because His powers transcend our understanding.

Eledumare gives hope when people are hopeless, He opens doors where there is no way, he is the author and finisher of our lives.

It is true that all religions, set aside some days of the week to worship God but it is sad that hardly do we find time to really celebrate Eledumare- the most high.

This we have set to do under the platform of OFF.

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