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Otunba Dr. Gani Adams Encourages Federal Government to Adopt Oke'badan Festival

In his statement at the just concluded Oke'badan festival, Otunba Dr.  Gani Adams, chairman, Olokun Festival Foundation  encourage the Federal government to adopt the festival...  Read below

Ibadan, is a city with seven hills. These hills played prominent roles as shields to the ancient warriors that delivered us from rampaging warriors who were not only coming to kill and destroy but to also dominate our cities and turned us to destitute on our own land. This is what Oke’badan Festival celebrates. It is a festival that has to be adopted by government and not left for the traditional institutions to celebrate alone. Oke’badan must be uplifted. Oke’badan must rise. Oke’badan must be elevated. Oke’badan must occupy a prominent space in global recognition. I encourage the Federal government to adopt this festival, polish it and give it the needed sweeteners in its scheme of boosting cultural tourism in Nigeria.

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