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Kindly tell us about yourself?
Welcome brother my names are: Olagookun Eniola I studied B.comm at UNISA and currently going through a new program in UNILAG....
Tell me other things I need to know about you?
Is an Ordinary person who life also likes other people’s life, I was born by a pensioner dad and trader mom.... No steady three square meal, I attended a public schools, even sometimes no prompt school fees payment, also no Christmas clothes nor birthday cakes that was the kind of background I came from, hope you can understand how things are so difficult then..
Tell me how did it all start with entertainment, your sojourn into the music world?
.I started as an event and portrait photographer My brother is an artiste as well so
Showbiz interest runs in d family

Tell us about your record label and how long have you been in the system?
‬ Enlag entertainment as a label as created one of the best singles released in urban music in the last two years... With good videos and star artiste collaborations...The artistes have performed in most coveted stages and venues in Nigeria like delineation, industry nite, Freedom Park, most a list clubs

Any challenged so far?
Major challenges are expensive media and no copyright law enforcement....many bloggers will upload your exclusive iTunes releases for free on their blogs, some will use your song commercially without paying you, and u pay for almost all media publicity no matter how little.... So a hit song could still be a long way from recoup of investments....

Any way out on those challenges you highlighted?
My way out of that is to do my own shows with my artistes headlining with other popular acts So instead of waiting for music sales n bookings...we book n sell our music at d venues...

Do you have any artiste on your record label if yes kindly tell us his or her name?
‬ I don't have a major artiste on my label, just upcoming artistes with great potential..

So how long have you been in the system?
Have been in the system for just 2years professionally...

Any plan for a foreign trip as part of activities line up for your artiste this year?
Programs for my artiste are club tours, star features, concept videos, viral marketing, and star cosigns....more media publicity...

Tell us your experience so far in the industry and where you actually taught needed to be corrected?
Entertainment is what I have been passionate about, what prompted me to start a record label in 2014 was that there are too many random and average acts been shoved down people’s throat as great artiste.... So I decided to bring different artistes and brand that's has game changer vibe. This year, I plan on monthly shows and more viral marketing to get my artiste out there on bigger platform. It has never been a smooth journey because am promoting new act that's not on the trend bandwagon, but with different music that can set the new trend,

As the government done enough to encourage players in the entertainment industry?
The government just keeps promising support for the entertainment industry, we don't have copyright law enforcement yet the government needs to enforce copyright laws, so we can combat the big piracy market that has been earning almost all our profits...

Lot of people complaint about originality in most of Nigerians artistes song, did you agree with this or not?
On originality, No I am absolutely not satisfied yet but outboard popular acts in Nigeria deserved to be praised for their unique styles n lyrics but too many are still chasing latest trends....

Can we compare the entertainment industry in Nigeria with the western world?
Nigerian entertainment industry can't be compared with its foreign counterparts because of lack of structure and music law enforcement, but it can be compared in terms of good videos, talent, popularity, income from shows and our online says skyrocketed in last three years with Nigerian artiste like ajebutter, tuface, reminisce, wizkid, olamide knocking out their foreign counterparts on world online stores like iTunes....

Who are the people you are looking up to in the industry?
I look up to obi Asika, Jimmy Jatt. Keke Kenny, Sunday Are, Paulo of one Africa, Efe Omorogbe...

Are you married?
I'm a young business man from Lagos,(insert the business) my name is Eniola olagookun and YES! I'm MARRIED!
So how do you relax and how do you handle the opposite sex?
‬YES! I enjoy traveling too with families,I relax with music and good drinks in a cool environment... With babes?? NO! But YES! With families as that's a PLUS! Smiles

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