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Hilarious: Man Who Takes Lady Out To The Movies, Goes On Twitter To Rant, Gets Epic Response (See Photos) )

This is so hilarious I must confess, anyways, Nigerian man, Adeniyi Adedeji @pabloadedeji took a lady he met on Twitter out on a date, to watch a movie in the cinemas.

Adedeji spent a total of N5000 on the date and after the date, the Lady informed him that she wasn't interested in a relationship yet and this pissed him off. 

Pablo took to Twitter to rant bitterly about the money he spent on her, calling her a 'broke ass hungry bitch'.

Her response was epic, She transferred the sum of N5000 to him, asked him to deduct N3800 he spent during the date to his Wema Bank account and told him to keep the change.
Na wah oooh!  Some ladies are just too mien. Kilode!

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