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Benefits of Cow's Fresh Milk Substantiated by Research

Food choices in urban areas in India are aplenty. In comparison, the food choices in most rural areas of India can be said to be meager. However, when we look at the health of people, we can easily see that the majority of people in rural areas enjoy better health than their urban counterparts. While fresh air and stress free lifestyle may be a factor, what is also noteworthy is the cow-based rural economy. In most rural areas, the five primary cow products that are used are milk, curd, ghee, dung and urine. These are collectively referred to as the Panchgavya. This living as per the principles of Panchgavya may also be a reason for the good health of people in rural areas. Now, even scientific research studies have started to substantiate the benefits of cow milk products such as fresh milk, organic curd, etc.
Scientific research has shown that cow milk products such as fresh full cream organic milk, organic curd, etc. can help in a wide variety of disorders such as diabetes, obesity, arthritis, autism, etc.
India's ancient medical system. Ayurveda also talks about the benefits of cow milk and cow milk products. As per Ayurveda, regular consumption of organic curd and buttermilk can help provide relief from several types of gastrointestinal disorders. Ayurveda also recommends regular consumption of cow ghee, which has shown to offer wide ranging health benefits, a survey conducted by
One of the most worrying problems faced by humanity today is the emergence of superbugs that have become resistant to drugs such as antibiotics. These superbugs pose a serious threat to the existence of humanity. Here also, Panchgavya component cow urine has shown to improve the effectiveness of available drugs. Two US patents have already been filed and granted in this regard.
The research related to the patent shows that cow urine works as a bio-enhancer and has antibiotic, antifungal and anticancer properties.
Some of the healthy bacteria found in cow milk have shown to have the ability to control phytopathogenic fungi. These bacteria have also shown to benefit plant life when dispersed in soil.
Panchgavya component cow dung also offers several benefits since it is known to be anti-thermal and anti-radioactive. Homes in rural India are smeared with a layer of cow dung, which keeps them cool in summers and warm in winters. Dried cow dung, when burnt, emits a constant temperature, something that helps protect the nutritional value of food being cooked.
The benefits of cow products have got even the IIT-Delhi interested. The institute is in the process of conducting various research studies to examine the benefits of cow products.

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