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The Saga: Alternative Soul Artiste Bez's Dilemma ...PHCN IS NOT YOUR FRIEND

According to @musicsquareng who took to his IG page regarding the drama between music sensation singer Bez and PHCN...

Sorry, mate, sh*t happens....SORRY BEZ, THE PHCN IS NOT YOUR FRIEND...
Alternative soul artiste, Bez Idakula, now knows that the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (or NEPA as we still prefer to call the epileptic institution) is not his friend.
Well, Bez, who staged the Abuja edition of his #BEZLIVE show over the weekend, believed so much in his friendship with the PHCN that he wagered they would have his back when he left for Abuja. When he returned home today to meet all the foods in his freezer in rot, he felt betrayed.
He tweeted, ''Back home to Lagos after a week plus. All the food in the freezer that was meant to last for 2 months all gone. ALL. In fact, freezer is Hot...Thanks NEPA, abi PHCN...Letting the memories of #bezliveAbuja console me.'' Sorry bro, even the police who popularised the lingo; 'The Police is your friend', are only your friend when it is convenient for them.
@BEZidakula @titotidakula
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