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"OPC Won’t Protect Senator Buruji Kashamu" – Gani Adams

”I will go and hire OPC, maybe like 40, because the day we meet… maybe about three, four or five people will die." – Kashamu

”We cannot provide security for somebody who is threatening his fellow citizens, how much more somebody threatening the government. – Gani Adams

The National Coordinator of the Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC), Otunba Gani Adams, has responded to the statement credited to Senator Buruji Kashamu, in which he vowed to employ the services of the OPC to forestall his extradition to the United States.

Kashamu, who is the lawmaker representing Ogun East in the upper legislative chambers, is currently wanted in the U.S after a court ordered that he could be arrested anywhere in the world to answer to alleged drug charges, even as he warned that before he could be extradited to the US to face trial, “about three, four or five people will die.”

“OPC members can never be hired killers, we won’t be associated with such. We cannot provide security for somebody who is threatening his fellow citizens, how much more somebody threatening the government.

That is not who we are. “Why did he mention the OPC, why is he not talking about other organisations? We won’t allow anybody to dent the image of our organisation.

We have come a long way, we have been through a lot, before we could bring OPC to this level from nowhere and we won’t be taken back to the old days. We have lots of things at stake,” Adams said.

Kashamu argued that the case brought against him had been laid to rest, saying all the US could do was to “abduct” him, claiming that no extradition proceedings could be lawfully commenced against him.

Vowing that an attempt to abduct him would be met with stiff resistance, Kashamu said he planned to engage the services of the OPC for protection.

“I don’t go to the beach, and now, I will go and hire OPC, may be like 40, because the day we meet, one has to kill one. That is for sure because I am not ready to go anywhere. Before that happens, maybe about three, four or five people will die”.

However, Adams fired back at what he called an “unguarded” statement from Kashamu, saying that the senator had not approached him for help and that the OPC is not a group of hired killers.

“We cannot stop his arrest if the state wants to apprehend him, we are law-abiding citizens and Buruji should stop using our name to propagate his agenda. OPC is not a name anybody can use to threaten fellow Nigerians.

That was a wrong statement from him.” The OPC leader spoke further: “With the level OPC is today, even if we want to defend our right, it is not by violence, it is not going to be through illegal means because there are legal channels to pass through.

“May be Kashamu has some people he is using that are calling themselves OPC, because there are some people that impersonate and pretend to be our members, but we are a law abiding organisation.

I was highly disappointed in his statement, he is somebody that I know very well but we have not been so close in the last five years, so I don’t know what he is talking about and I condemn that statement on behalf of the OPC, it is unwarranted.

When probed further on whether he would give support to the senator if he actually seeks the help of the organisation, Adams noted that there was no way he would protect Kashamu in the face of the law.

“He has my number, he has not contacted me. And even if he gets in touch, would that stop his arrest? Will I stop the government from carrying out the lawful arrest of a citizen? Can I stop the state from arresting any citizen of this country? I am preparing for my own future; I will not allow anyone to dent my image.”

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