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Good News: Broken Down Vehicles Should be Towed To Owners’ Mechanic Workshops - Elegushi

The Acting Commissioner for Transportation, Prince Nofiu Elegushi, who issued the directive, said LASTMA officials should rather lend a helping hand to owners of broken down vehicles.
Elegushi, who charged officials to give the LASTMA a new lease of life, said the broken down vehicles should be towed to owners’ mechanic workshops and not LASTMA yards, which used to be the practice.
Speaking a meeting with the senior LASTMA officials, the commissioner added that owners of such vehicles should no longer be fined as was the usual practice.
According to him, vehicle owners, based on understanding, should pay towing charges. Elegushi explained that this feat would not only assist motorists out of a difficult situation, it would aid free flow of traffic by the prompt action of LASTMA operatives.
The commissioner urged the public to see
LASTMA officials as friends and treat them as such. According to him, the LASTMA officials would be better appreciated, when owners of broke down vehicles are quickly assisted.
He, however, warned that broken down vehicles should not be repaired on the road. “Before enforcement is carried out in any area of the state, LASTMA officials should strategize for a better service delivery,” the commissioner added.
Elegushi urged LASTMA officials to be acquainted with the state traffic law and properly supervise BRT lanes, which, according to him, are often use by other road users, especially commercial bus drivers.
He explained that the change of baton in the agency was to allow for improved an

better service delivery.

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