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Abomination! Man Caught Pants Down With Son’s Wife

A Zimbabwean man identified as Jonathan Mutoro has been caught in the act committing an unbelievable crime.
According to iHarare, the man took the advice of a herbalist and slept with his son’s wife hoping that the taboo act would make him rich.
Jonathan Mutoro of Maravanyika Village under Chief Chireya of Gokwe North is now at loggerheads with his son John Mutoro after bedding his wife identified as Easter Shoko.
Mutoro, a father of six, was allegedly caught red handed in bed with his daughter-in-law.
“Mutoro and Shoko were caught red-handed making love by his daughter. The daughter told her brother who is Shoko’s husband and a report was made to my traditional court,” Chief Chireya said.
Mutoro allegedly confessed that a certain traditional healer advised him to have s*x with his daughter-in-law in order for him to get rich quickly.
“He admitted that he committed the offence and he also apologised to his son and to his wife. He confessed that a certain traditional healer had told him to sleep with his son’s wife if he wanted to be rich within a short space of time,” said Chief Chireys.
Shoko had been promised a piece of the riches.
“She couldn’t refuse her father-in-law’s s*xual advances since she promised her a share in the event that the riches start trickling in,” said the Chief. For their illicit affair the two were ordered to pay three head of cattle.
“I ordered them to give three cows to Maravanyika Village for having sexual intercourse within a prohibited degree of relationship because in our culture it is considered a taboo,” said Chief Chireya.

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