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Why We Are Honouring Zebudaya, Sola Sobowale and Fidelis Duker with BON Special Recognition

Apart from the 31 keenly contested categories at BON Awards annually, there is the ‘Special Recognition’ category, where eminent figures drawn from all works of life (including in the entertainment industry) are awarded specially for their stellar contribution to the growth of the homegrown Nollywood industry. 

From Tade Ogidan to Former President of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, all of these distinguished individuals have been past recipients of the BON Special Recognition. 

We present to you the three veterans who have been identified as the recipients of the 2016 prize with a spotlight on their achievement; 

Chief Zebrudaya alias 4.30 became popular for his self produced hit comedy series in the titled ‘New Masqurade’, which ran between 1983 – 1993.  His character was an audience delight for his incorrect use of the English language. For as many that were old enough to see the series that year, you will agree that this fantastic thespian made those years memorable indeed. Suffice to say that he laid the pebble for what comedy actors of this generation built on today. 

A writer, actor, producer and director; although the veteran became registered on the mind of the Nigerian audience for her role as ‘Toyin Tomato’, in the series ‘OH FATHER OH DAUGHTER’, Sola’s career dates back to productions such as the now rested ‘Village Headmaster’ , Mirror in the Sun, ‘Asewo To Re Mecca’, ‘Dangerous Twins’, ‘Family On Fire’, and most recently ‘The wedding Party’. 

She learnt the thespian art under the tutelage of Adebayo Salami’s group known as Awada Kerikeri.  In 2010, she scripted, produced and directed, ‘Ohun Oko Somida’. 

This renowned filmmaker needs no introduction; he is the director of the Abuja Int’l Film and Video Festival, a former president of the Director’s Guild of Nigeria. Duker has about 200 films to his credit. This Iconic filmmaker’s career dates back to 1988 where he wrote scripts for ‘Tales by Moonlight’, the popular Television program for kids, until 1992. He took his time to study the working models in the film business before lunching; he was production manager between 1989 and 1991, before he started his own production. His debut as a producer was titled ‘ SKELETON’.  Several stars that flood the industry today cut their teeth to fame through his productions.  

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