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The Untold Story: How Shina Peller Ordered Oritsefemi beaten, stripped out of Quilox … Abrupt Self Defence Cuts The Bouncer Eye, Loses N8.5m Necklace

It is unrealistically for ace singer like Oritsefemi Majemite Ekele to kick off fight inside a popular hang out like Quilox without any cause. The singer was neither drunk nor angry with anyone before arriving the club premises.

Therefore, it is very unfair for club crawlers to insinuate Oritsefemi would visit the club to disrupt customer’s peace. This is to clear the air on the allegation that Oritsefemi was drunk and that was the real reason he was ordered out of the club by Shina Peller the C.E.O of Quilox before the brawl went out of hand on early 12thSaturday morning November 2016.

According to Oritsefemi, “My friend invited to meet him at Quilox around 2am, on arriving the club’s entrance, the bouncer whispered into my ears that grade A celebrity like me are reserved to sit upstairs in the V I P section of the club. On entering the V I P, my friends were bounced!

I protested that I was not here alone. I was invited by a friend here. The person needed to come in, alongside some of my colleagues (name withheld). Even where I was reserved to seat, Quilox patron was also seated. He obliged me to share drink on his table after which I and my friends had ordered  an expensive bottle of Hennessey XO. Due to my status; I had to share the drink with him because he showed that he was my true music fan. We chat for some minutes but I was not really comfortable because my friends were out of the V I P.

“I however excused to leave the section. The patron pleaded that I shouldn’t leave because my friends were bounced. I replied that the reason I wanted to leave was best known to me.

After I had discussed with the patron, the bouncer suddenly came to tell me that his boss ordered me out of the V I P! I asked him for what offense? He said if I don’t want to stay I should f**k off out of this club.

The ‘f f’ words he used on me really provoked me. Next thing he did was to start harassing me on the V I P. When I realized he wanted to blow me, I was holding a glass cup with little drink inside. My right hand mistaking hits one of his eye brawl as self defence. Blood started rushing out!

Shina Peller who had told the bouncer to walk me out that his club on the reason that he didn’t welcome artistes again inside his club re-instructed the other bouncers almost eight to take me off the premises and beat me up to stupor!

“After the order, he drove me away out of the club. He pretended he didn’t know anything until the bouncers descended on me. They beat me black and blue until I fainted. They stripped me naked inside the club premises. One of the bouncers stole my neck lace jewelry worth 8.5 million naira on the spot. They dragged me on the floor for almost one hour before the Police came to rescue me. I had no cloth on me. Even the Police officers who came to rescue me can bear me as a witness.

I was later invited to Maroko Police station in order to write statement on what transpired between me and the bouncer. I narrated the whole scenes. The I P O settled the issue. He instructed me to treat the bouncer immediately while the I P O, ordered Quilox management to provide my neck lace jewelry the bouncer stole or pay 8.5 million naira which equivalent to the amount the jewelry was purchased.

“As you are reading this, Shina Peller’s lead Quilox management has not provided my jewelry as instructed by the police. The I P O in charged had called Shina Peller severally but he was told Shina had travelled to United Kingdom after the incident”, Oritsefemi said.

Another artiste White Man, who accompanied Oritsefemi to the club was beaten terribly. 

On the other hand, read the statement from Quilox nightclub below:
“At about 2am on Saturday, 13th of Nov. 2016, Oritsefemi came into Quilox without prior reservations or table bookings. Tables are allocated to customers who have made prior paid table bookings in advance of their arrival except such customer is a patron or member of the club.

“However, Oritsefemi who did not fall into any of the categories above approached a patron’s table-of-six, and pleaded to be accommodated, with the understanding that other guests of the said patron were still been expected.

In a surprising turn of events, Oristsemi who was drinking from the patrons bottle, attempted to sit 8 of his guests at the table, the surprised patron strongly rejected such effrontery and invited the bouncer guarding the floor to intervene.

“The bouncer politely approached Oritsefemi and told him the patrons guests were still being expected, but Oristefemi, in a fit of unprovoked rage, slapped the bouncer then proceeded to breaking a glass in his hand and stabbed him in the eye.

“The scene quickly became rowdy as other customers rushed to the table and confronted the artiste for his violent behavior, our security team quickly stepped in to salvage the situation by carrying Oristefemi out of the club. . . Oristefemi faced by an enraged crowd outside and perhaps realizing the gravity of his offense pretended to collapse. The artiste and the bouncer were subsequently rushed to a nearby hospital .

“The bouncer affected later pressed charges at Bar Beach police station, where Oritsefemi accepted his offense and pleaded for mercy, he was granted bail at 12pm on the 13th of Nov. and advised to report back to the station on Tues. 15th of Nov. 2016. . . We were hesitant to release a press statement as several well-meaning people have attempted to intercede on behalf of the artiste, but after his malicious and grossly false account of the events that occurred, it is only fair that we defend the integrity and ethos of our organization”, Quilox management said in the statement.

It would be recalled Shina Peller’s lead Quilox had engaged in lots of fight with musicians. Nigeria ace rapper M I complained in the past about the attitude of the bouncers in the past.This is the club Dammy Krane and Wizkid had brawl which led Wizkid broke Hennessy bottle on Dammy’s head.
Ace singer, Davido was embarrassed out of the club after spending 19 million naira on drinks with his friends.

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