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Landlady Petitions Police Over Alleged Festus Keyamo's Client Criminal Activity

A Lagos landlady, Mrs. Florence Layonu, has petitioned the VGC Police Station Lagos state south west Nigeria, over alleged suspected criminal activities of one of her tenant, Mr. Ademilola Ogunsanya, of Clearmove Oil and Gas Limited.

Layonu, in the said petition captioned: "Report of suspected criminal activity at property situation at F24 Road, 50, VCG, Ajah, Lagos, by occupant/tenant, Mr. Ademilola Ogunsanya",
The Petitioner described the said tenant as a debtor, and unruly, who have refused, failed, or neglect to pay his rent due since January 2015 till date.

Layonu also stated in the petition that a suit with number MCL/97/2015, for the recovery of the said property has been instituted and commenced against the tenant at an Igbosere Chief Magistate's Court, Lagos state

The landlady also stated that as the owner of the property, the petition against her tenant was premise on notice of disconnection from the Eko Electricity Distribution Company Plc, wherein it was stated that the said Ademilola did not only defaulted, but also by-passed the electricity meter attached to the property. This she said was brought to her notice by the Chief Security Officer (CSO) of the Victoria Garden City, and this act constitutes a serious criminal offence.

Layonu in the petition which was also copied to the tenant's lawyer, Festus Keyamo Chambers, VGC Maintenance and Management Company Limited, VGC's CSO,the Registrar, Court 8, Magistate's Court, Igbosere, Mr. Muyiwa Iwayemi, Premium Homes Limited, and Eko ElectricityDistrict Company, Marina, Lagos, categorically stated that she was not involved in the perpetration of the said offence, and asked the Police to conduct a thorough investigation into the alleged criminal activity of her tenant to ensure that Justice is swiftly served.

Prior to the petition, Mrs. Layonu, had instituted premises recovery suit against  Ademilola, and his firm, Clearmove Oil and Gas Limited,  over alleged refusal to pay thier house rent deficits amounting to N208, 333. 33.

The oil and gas's Managing Director/ Chief Executive Officer is currently occupying a three bedroom bungalow, located at House 24, Road 50, Victoria Garden City, was alleged to have refused to pay their landlord since December 31, 2014, till date. 
     Upon their failure to pay the said rent debt running to two years, the landlady decided to  approached the court for intervention.
In a summon for recovery of possession of the property, Mrs. Layonu is seeking a court order granting her immediate possession of the House 24, Road 50, Victoria Garden City, Lagos State,

She is also seeking a court order compelling the oil and gas firm,Clearmove it's managing director/ Chief Executive Officer Ademilola Ogunsanya to immediately vacate the said property and an order compelling them jointly and severally to pay her the sum of N208, 333, 33, monthly until they give up the property.
Mrs. Layonu in the particulars of claim filed against the defendants, stated that she granted the defendants a lease on the premises commencing from January 1, 2014, for the term of one year, without the option of renewal for whatsoever, adding that the tenancy agreement between them specified that the lease was for the fixed term of a year  therefore it was not a yearly tenancy.

Mrs. Layonu also stated that the lease was determined by effluxion of time on the December 31, 2014, since which time the defendants have continued to hold on possession without making any effort to enter into a new agreement with her.

She further stated that all efforts to initiate negotiation for new agreement with 
Mr. Ogunsanya, was to no avail, as he continually evaded her property manager, and failed, refused,and neglected to reply to all emails and answer phone calls.

Consequently, the claimant stated that she instructed her agent/property manager to recover possession of the premises, and that Mr Ogunsanya, was served with a notice of onwer's intention to recover possession dated January 20, 2015, which expired on January 27, 2015, but refused to acknowledge the notice.

Mrs. Layonu further stated that despite the service of the said notice of owner's intention to recover possession dated January 20, 2015, the defendants have failed,to deliver up possession of the subject property as at the time of filing this suit.

Consequently, Mrs. Layonu is asking the court for an order granting immediate possession of the property known as House 24, Road 50, Victoria Garden City, Lagos, together with all the appurtenances therein within the the court's jurisdiction.

She also sought for an order of the court directing Mr. Ogunsanya and all other occupiers of the property known as House 24, Road 50, Victoria Garden City, Lagos, to immediately vacate the said property permanently and an order for the payment of the sum of N208, 333, 33, monthly, as mesne profits until possession is given up.

However, the defendants in their statement of defence, filed before the court stated that the claimant is not entitled to possession given the fact that the leasehold has not been validly determined.

The defendants also stated that they are still in need of the property as they do not have alternative place to relocate for now, 
adding that the issue of affluxion of time is no longer applies as parties have taken concrete step to renew the tenancy accordingly, and the issue of holding over possession of the premises does not arise either.

The defendants particularly stated that leasehold was renewed by the parties saved  that they rejected the premature and sudden increment of the rent payable from N2 million to N2, 650, 000, million, barely a year they moved into the said property.

They also stated that they failed, refused and neglected to deliver up possession because they do not have alternative place to relocate, and beside, due process of recovery of premises ought to have been strictly complied with therefore the claimant is not entitled to immediate possession of the property known as House 24, Road 50, Victoria Garden City, Lagos.
The matter has been adjourned till November 28, 2016 for continuation of hearing.

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