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Oritsefemi Ekele Majemite aka Oritsefemi has opened up on why he isn't married. Speaking recently to a newspaper reporter,  the father of two daughters revealed ...
Marriage is not something that you just rush into. It comes with its challenges. If a guy is not 100 per cent okay and jumps into marriage he might have problems.
As a man you have to be 100 per cent okay. I am not saying that you must have all the money in the world. Women will always flock around you as a young man if have money but the ladies also want to see enterprising youths all the time.

As for me, I am taking my time. That is why I say Igbe Iyawo ogba gudu gudu (it takes a lot to marry a woman). You must balance your matrimonial home and your hustle. Aside the money, it comes with a lot of responsibility. Some couples in marriages complain about satisfaction and I am like why this complains? It is not this same marriage that you started with a lot of romance and passion? Why have you stopped being romantic and passionate towards your partner?
Life also changes. You as a man, the ability to always meet up with your responsibility is very important. Sometimes, things might not work out well. Whether you like it or not, a lady wants a guy who is always on point and if you are not on point they will stop loving you.
You as a woman you must always take care of yourself or your man will leave you for another woman so you must make up your mind and hang in there for better worse. As a man you must not say that because your worst has happened you will now relent, you must keep trying.

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