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Nigeria’s Communication Law is not Strong Enough to Generate Revenue  - Fatai  Buhari

The chairman senate committee in ICT and cybercrime Senator Abdulfatai Buhari on Monday said the  existing law on communication in Nigeria is not strong enough to  generate adequate  revenue for the economic development of the nation.
Senator Fatai Buhari, chairman Senate committee on ICT and Cybercrime while fielding question from journalists in Ogbomoso  , lamented that the communication sector Is generating  about five percent of the total income to the nations revenue which he said  was very poor.

“Our law is not forceful and impactful enough, take for instance MTN, ZAIN, ETISALAT, GLO and all the service provider they are not using our satellite on the excuses that  we only have one but they make profit in Nigeria and  use it to develop the economy of other country,  that is capital flight we will stop it “.

Buhari disclosed further that the National Assembly is look at the issue with the hope of reviewing the existing law and make necessary recommendation and amendment to the effect  for economic prosperity of the nation.

The Senate president, Dr. Bukola Saraki  told us recently to sit up within the telecommunication sector and call the  stakeholders, to get their own input for us to bring a bill into the  National Assembly that will compel  the service provider to patronize us instead of sending our country money to boost another country’s economy.

He concluded that the effort is going on to make a law that ICT should become a compulsory subject in secondary school saying " we have potentials  in Nigeria, if we are able to implement at the  secondary schools level there will be a contribution they are going to make into the economy".

Speaking on the state of the nation, Dr Buhari who represents Oyo North Senatorial districts at the upper chamber said, Nigerians should be patience with president Buhari led administration with  an assurance that there will be light at the end of the tunnel.

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