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Meet Ibomor Esther Olaoluwa, Ibadan, Young, Most Creative Fashion Designer [See Some Of Her Works]

Young, talented, entrepreneur and humble Ibomor Esther started fashion design at a tender age with the help of her mum. Few years later, she turned a professional fashion guru, well respected in Ibadan. Esther is an undergraduate of Osun State University.
Recently, Shybell Media CEO, Idris Bello Chatted her up read below...

Can we meet you please?
My names are Ibomor Esther Olaoluwa. I started my elementary study at His Grace Nursery/pry school 2005, Bloom Height College Ibadan, 2011 and presently at Osun state university. Born into a family of 4 including my parents, I grew up with my mum cos both parents are separated.

When did you start seeing yourself as a fashion designer?

What's outfit name?
Emmaculater's Clothing

What motivates your designs?
I learned 2013.. but the idea of fashion designing started 2006, then I sew with needle and thread to make something not so meaningful, but am always trying to create something... till I started fully in Nov 2013

Where do your inspiration comes from?
I draw my inspiration from a lot of factors which includes my environment, moods etc..

Who and who are your role models
God and My mum

How close are you to your mum?
Very close

Major challenges as a fashion designer?
A particular friend of mine feels I can't sew well, so she's always making her dress elsewhere... at first, I was disappointed cos i see no reason why my friend won't patronized me. So I worked xtra hard to make designs, i mean complicated designs just to prove a point and to disappoint her and it worked... also some customers will choose styles (complicated) and want it exactly the way it is in catalogue, I can't say no.. but what I do is call on God to help me through and at the end of it, I make them happy.

Any international exhibition? If no, any ambition of any?
No, yeah I will really love to participate in any available one. I will love to participate in Europe fashion exhibition.

Been Ibadan based designer, how has the trade being so far?
It's okay, lol... its been awesome

What does it entails to be a fashion designer?
To be a fashion designer, you have to love it with all your heart, it's something you must have passion for, it shouldn't be "am doing it becos my mum or dad love me to" or because you see someone making it as a fashion designer, you also want to be and you don't have any passion for what you do. Mehn it can't work... it's attached to every other professions, you have to love what you do.

You married?
No not married, single

Ibadan, the largest city in Africa, how lucrative/impressive is fashion business in the city compare to Lagos and Abuja?
It's not really lucrative here in Ibadan compare to Lagos and Abuja but we are still making more sense with our resources.

Your final word for those who want to be like you?
Go for what you know how to do best, and also in whatever you do, do it with joy and happiness from the depth of your heart, by so doing the result will be better off what you do without interest. Also, be focused and don't be discourage by what people say, follow your heart and don't relent till you achieve your goals

Pleasure talking with you...
You welcome...

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