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Ibrahim Oladapo Taoheed

The Treasurer of Ade Local Government, Festac town, Ibrahim Oladapo Taoheed recently filled for a divorce with his long term friend who later became his wife, Mosumola Ibrahim. Oladapo who moved out of his matrimonial home three years ago moved in his mistress Ayoola Otunkoya, in Ikorodu.

Oladapo, born thirty-eight years ago into a small family in Lagos, studied Accounting at University of Lagos, Akoka where he met his estranged wife, Mosunmola.

Mosunmola Ibrahim ...Oladapo's legal wife
It wasn't love at first sight for Mosunmola but it was for Oladapo. Their meeting in the year 2001 wasn't an accident as he (Oladapo) was sitting for a test in Mosumola's department during his days at Unilag. Unfortunately, when Mosunmola sighted him, she quickly clinched to him knowing full well that, he wasn't member of her class but a machinery for a course mate of ours.

Few weeks later, they ran into each other and Mosunmola asked him if he (Oladapo) could take her on her extra classes, he (Oladapo) accepted immediately but based on 'kind' and not cash.

However, the rest is history as that led to their union few years later. Mosunmola met Oladapo when he had nothing and agreed to marry him based on love.

Few years into their marriage, they had two kids together and Mosumola decided she needed to work which her hubby kicked against.

Ayoola and her baby
Oladapo, got an appointment with Ikorodu local government as a level 6 civil servant with a very poor salary when they had their second child.

He, however, furthered his education to become a chartered accountant with the help of Lagos state governor, Akinwunmi Ambode as his Godson, seeing him through financially in order to achieve more as a civil servant and got all the support he needed from his lovely wife, Mosun.

Not too long after, God-son of Lagos State Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode started beating his wife when he rose to level 8 as a civil servant with the help of his God father.

Ayoola and Oladapo's nephew
While pregnant with their third child, Oladapo will spend more days outside his matrimonial home without any good explanation and when asked by his gentle and respectful wife, instead of explaining this situation of things, he will rather pounce on her and give her the beating of her life.

Ayoola Otunkoya ....Oladapo's mistress
His choice Ayoola, a 30-something year old lady, whom he had been dating for years was the reason for his divorce no doubt.

Meanwhile, this domestic violence continued for years and when reported to his parents, more support was given by his mother.

With the affair still steamy, he rented an apartment for her in Ikorodu and spoilt her silly with many expensive gifts which Mosunmola never had when the going was bad and good.

Penultimate weeks, Oladapo filled for a divorce under Lagos State High Court in Ikorodu with the Suit No: IKD/2795HD/16 demanding the custody of the children and also asking for paternity test of his second and last born with Mosunmola.

Details of the divorce and Oladapo's mistress will be revealed shortly.... Stay glued to shybellmedia...

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