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Lagos, Nigeria- Yoruba Lakotun, the quarterly cultural flagship programme, took place on September 4, 2016 at Ethnic Heritage Centre, Ikoyi amidst pomp and pageantry. The first anniversary celebration was heavily decorated with the talking drum and the beaded gourd (sekere) because of their significance as royal musical instrument that elicits excitement at all celebrations. 

The special guest at the programme, Pa Lasunkanmi Tela, author of Egun Ori Ikunle, spoke about the way in which Yoruba Oral Narrations has been distorted by many people for their selfish gains. Some of the distorted narrations caused by colonialism and other selfish reasons are Yoruba history, traditions and even the culture.
According to him, ‘the Yoruba nation should be united since we are all progenitors of Oduduwa. It is unnecessary for people to tweak histories of their communities in order to pursue their selfish ambition because it would mislead a lot of generations after them and engrain hatred. The damage done by the colonialist still abound in the ways in which names of communities and families have been changed to suit their understanding.’

Tela called for the preservation of various Yoruba traditions which are gradually fading away. These traditions include building reputable family names cum legacies; respect for elders; background check of the families before marriage; the dignity of hard work and contentment. 
Another great feature of the evening was the Bata dance class led by Khalid Ayanshina, the renowned Eesa Egungun chanter and dancer, from Oyo town. Ayanshina unveiled that Yoruba oral chant is a specialist art that has different from one type of chant to another. Some of the specialist chants are ekun Iyawo; Rara; Ijala among others. While Edaoto Agbeniyi, the renowned guitarist and folklorist, was on the bandstand dishing out melodious folk songs to the delight of the audience.
The host of the event, Olutayo Irantiola, dedicated the anniversary edition to the media houses that educate and inform Nigerians about the different cultures in the country. He encouraged the media to carry out investigative research to produce ingenious documentaries that would enhance the knowledge of Nigerians about their immediate environment.
Cultural enthusiasts at the event were drawn from Corporate and Social Nigeria. 

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