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“Melodies from heaven” is not your run off the mill music know how book. Katherina has succeeded in putting together a wealth of information in this book that will deconstruct the seeming technical limitations of composing songs and at the same time address the needed source of inspiration with God at the very centre. This book clarifies in simple building blocks what the aspiring Christian music minister of today needs to be a VOICE in the kingdom of God as there is a great need for fresh songs borne of out of pure, unadulterated and godly inspiration to rent the air. The book has succeeded in creating that much needed synergy between the scriptures & the various facets of the gospel music endeavour.

The first chapter of this book establishes the very foundation needed for the sojourn into great song composition & success in the music ministry which is having a VISION. It also provides the needed aids to help discover what one has been wired to do according to Jeremiah 29: 11- 12. The second chapter goes on to establish the spiritual and behavioural competencies required by the music minister to make a success in the endeavour with integrity, dependence on the word, spiritual reconciliation with God & humility highlighted as sine qua non for success in the music ministry & efforts to be a fresh voice in this generation.
The subject of creativity is instructively dealt with in the following chapter. This section of the book highlights the avenues for creative song writing which include experiences, the Holy Spirit and consistent practice which are lucidly explained.
The fourth chapter of this book boldly disabuses the often misconstrued emphasis on the “hit song” syndrome in church music circles today and lays the heart of song writing on the Godly pillar of motive. The author expertly weaves through the components of songs in the subsequent chapters touching on the important aspects of the art of song writing, lyrics, song structure & melody in a very simplistic yet profound style.
The author did not shy away from addressing the sensitive subject of the song writer and finance while also addressing the likely pitfalls associated with this somewhat imperfect marriage.
The book ends with a note of finality, the world is waiting for your song! A new song is useless if never sung.

I pored through this book in just a few hours and it was worth it. I recommend this book to anyone who has the desire to be used by God to spread a fresh sound in this generation as this book would equip you in no small means.
If you are privileged to be a leader in the music ministry & you yearn to raise a new wave of gospel sound & a revived army of committed & competent singers/composers, then you need this book for your team to crystallise desire into reality.

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