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Restructuring Is Paramount As Nigeria is Ripe for State Police - Otunba Dr. Gani Adams

During his visit to one the private radio station in Ibadan, FreshFM, the National Coordinator of the Oodua People’s Congress OPC Otunba Dr. Gani Adams spit fire and also opens can or worm on how disappointed he is about people’s believe and their propaganda over the pipeline contract given OPC.
The tall, dark, humble and well respected father of many OPC members, (not biological father) attributed failure of government to reason people are encouraged into militancy in Nigeria.
Adams admits most agitators which now transform into militancy group are being pushed to the wall by the government who did not only failed to listen to them and act but also imprison their members or killed with guns.
However, OPC leader speaks excessively on security, “creation of state police so as to be able to effective tackle insecurity in the nation is paramount. Inadequate of Federal Police in states create more insecurity in the country. “OPC will continue to do it very best by protecting the Yorubaland, South West against aggressors.” He averred.
OGA has he’s founding called among his immediate buddies averred that President Buhari should consider restructuring at this crucial stage Nigeria has find herself. “Restructuring is necessitating at this crucial period. We need to emulate how Nigeria’s independence was gotten. We need to look back and see how Chief Obafemi Awolowo structured Nigeria between the year 1954-1959, then we’ll realized, Nigeria needs restructuring and this present government need to do something fast about it.

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