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#ActionTime: Gani Adams Give Marching Order to OPC Members ..."Confront Any Invaders of Yoruba Land"

 The national  cordinator of the Oodua People's  Congress  Otunba  Gani Adams  has attributed the deployment of soldiers to troubled  parts of Yoruba land  to spiritual  appeasement.
Adams also gave a marching order to members of the group to confront any invaders of Yoruba land .
The OPC  chief, while  speaking during the 2016 edition  of the annual Ifa  Festival, organised by the Olokun Festival Foundation, which took place in Abule  Ado area of Amuwo  Odofin  described the invasion of the south west  by milliitants as a slap  on the Yorubas.
He  told the mammoth  crowd at the occasion that the OPC  had some weeks before the deployment made some sacrificial  offering as a result of the invasion  by the Niger Delta Millitants.
The OPC chief stated that  the decision to appease the gods in Yoruba land was taken during a National  Cordinating Council meeting of the group in Akute  area of Lagos  State .
" I told the cordinators  to make some sacrificial offerings in all their local government and by the next meeting ,over seventy five percent of them had done the offering "Adams said
'He added that  It was not up to a week after that , when the president deployed the military to the place . One thing  actually led to the deployment  of the soldiers
The OPC chief also stated that " even if the federal government had not deployed the military men ' our men would have confronted them . Our  men in IIsawo  battled with the Niger Delta Millitants and facilitated the release of two abducted people in the community "
He also directed members of the OPC to go out in full force and challenge  the millitants,  saying their invasion  of Yoruba  land as a slap and an embarrasment '.
" We are committed , we are determined and we are resolute  We can no longer wait for the government and allow people to terrorise Yoruba land ' the OP C chief said
Adams described Ifa as the Lord' s solution to whatever problem that may confront mankind and urged people to seek  knowledge from Ifa.
'Orunmila is the grand priest of ifa divination and he was always consulted before, during and after problems People of the olden days consult Orunmila , who in turn used Opele and Opon  Ifa to seek knowledge from Olodumare 'the Olokun  Festival ' s chief promoter said
' It is not until when a man gets problems  that he consult  Ifa  offers solution to mankind to prevent thorns that may appear during the course of one,' s life ' Adams said
He also stated that " a good example of what Ifa can do  is the computer .It can even do far beyond the computer "
Adams advised that our traditional rulers should look inward and appreciate the Ifa priest in their domains and seek solutions to problems that are confronting not just their towns but also other towns and re country as a whole ' .
The guest speaker at the event , Chief Lekan Ajorotutu described Ifa as the encyclopaedia of human existence and as essential  to human life .
In his speech, he said Ifa is paramount among the Yorubas and during the era of slave trade Yorubas were highly respected for their knowledge of Ifa or Vodoo, to predict the future and to know what the future has in stock.
IFA is the encyclopedia of life because Ifa embraces almost everything in life and this has been in existence before the adventure of other religion Christianity or Islam.
EDUCATION: Ifa believes in giving sound education to our children and he is completely against ignorant as we have it in Oturupon-Owonrin
“Baa ba ti ji ogbon ni ka maa kora wa
Ka ma ti kutukutu pile were
Oro taa ba ro ti o gun un
Ikin eni ni ka maa ke si”
which shows that if appreciate knowledge.
IFA being referred to as the deity of wisdom has an Odu for numbering ie. Ejiogbe I recite.
“Ifa lo deni mo lo deni
A difa fun Nini Ola tii somo won lode iteni
Ifa lo deni mo lo deni…..”
But to some people they are of the opinion that we have this numerics through Western Education but rather it came through Ifa.
PATIENCE: Ifa “baba dudu oke igeti”
Ifa knew that there is nothing we can achieve in life without being patience, and we all know this as a matter of truth patience and endurance matter’s in our daily activities and Ifa being an encyclopedia of life also believes in this as we have it in OGBE YONU:
Dignitaries at the event include : Prince  Owolabi  Oduyebo,  the Baale  of Ateere, Chief Ifagbenro  Atunfagbonbiada,  the Araba  of Ebute  Ikorodu,  Chief  Rasak  Oladosu , Special  assistant on communication to Governor Segun Mimiko  of Ondo  State, Amb. Yomi Fashlanso, Chief Femi Davies, Chief  LA  Adeola , the baba sango  of Ijora land, Chief Afolabi  Hassan , member OPU  executive , India, Chief  Victor Adewale, Deputy cordinator of OPU, Europe  , Prince  Olawale  Ayinla " treasurer  , OPU  worldwide amongst other dignitaries 

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