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Mrs. Roseline Ololo

In a bid to reclaim  her school, Metropolitan College Isolo Lagos state, alleged to have been forcefully taken over by Lagos state Government without any compensation about fourty years ago, a Lagos based 92 year old Educationist MRS Roseline Oyiridiya Ololo and her company Akaix West Africa Limited have slammed N2,679,500,000.on Lagos state Government.
       Joined as co-respondents in the ensuing legal battle are, the Attorney General of Lagos state and Lagos state commissioner for Education.
        In an affidavit sworn to by Mrs. Roseline Oyiridiya Ololo and filed before a Lagos high court, Lagos state south west Nigeria by a Lagos lawyer Barrister Malcolm Omirhobo, the Educationist averred that herself and her husband Chief Micheal Akaihieobi Ololo -Ogwu who hail from Olokoro Umuajata, Umuahia, Abia state of Nigeria using their hard earned money through their company Akaix west Africa Limited established metropolitan college Isolo (now comprising Isolo Secondary schools).in 1956.
The school was initially located at Surulere but later moved to Ire-Akari, Isolo after purchasing expanse of land from Okota family, in the heat of the Nigerian/Biafran civil war they returned to the Eastern part of the country for safety, but in 1970 after the civil war they returned to Lagos to continue to build the school at its permanent site Ire -Akari,Isolo.
      Mrs Ololo averred further that in 1976,before they start enjoying the fruits of their labour, Lagos state Military Administrator formerly took over the ownership of thirty-three secondary schools in the state including Metropolitan school,but they were refused compensation,it turned out that they were the only proprietor of schools whose school was taken over by the Lagos state Government that was not compensated.
     Mrs Ololo averred that in 1990 her husband died of frustration  pains and agony of the seizure of their school by the Lagos state Government. 
         With the advent of new Democratic dispensation in 1999 under the leadership of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Lagos state in the year 2001 by virtue of the Education private secondary institutions(special provisions )Repeal Law 2001 return all the aforesaid taken over schools to their owners
      However since the year 2001 to date, their school have not been returned to them by the Lagos state Government who has been running and managing the schools, making profits there from despite repeated demands and protest for no just cause.
       Via a letter dated 22nd of April, 2014.Barrister Malcolm Omirhobo on behalf of the Applicants wrote to the then Governor of Lagos state, Babatunde Raji Fashola intimating him of the applicants 39years of agony and for the schools to be returned to them but all to no avail.
     Year in year out  it has been meeting upon meeting, numerous correspondents, in addition to protest covered by both print and electronic media including social media, but nothing concrete had been achieved as it had been frustration all the way.
       Consequently, Mrs. Ololo contended that she is being victimized, marginalized, exploited, discriminated upon as a result of her sex as a female, class as a helpless 92year old widow and chiefly as an Igbo by tribe.
        The Applicants while urging the court to issue an order compelling Lagos state Government to return Metropolitan College and Isolo Secondary Schools to them without delay are also urging the court to award in their favour N3.057billion as general, special and aggravated /exemplary damages against the respondents, N179,200,000 against the respondents as income to be generated from school fees for the 2016/2017 academic sessions and other school fees to accrue to the applicants for other academic sessions where this suit is not determined before the commencement of 2016/2017 academic sessions.
N500,000 being the cost of this litigation against the respondents.
      Mr. Malcolm Omirhobo initially filed this suit before a Federal high court in Lagos before it was discontinued and refiled at the Lagos state high court. The respondents have not filed any response to the suit neither has any date been fixed for the hearing.

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