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Veteran Nollywood Actress, Bukky Ajayi Dies At 82

Bukky Ajayi

Veteran Nollywood actress Bukky Ajayi passed away today at age 82.
A source confirmed her passing via telephone, but has not given more details at this time.
She made her last public appearance at the 2016 AMVCA in March where she won the AMVCA Merit Award.
The Veteran Actress, Bukky Ajayi loves what she does for a living with passion. She converted to Islam in the early eighties and chooses the name Zainab. Her love for the theatre started as a young girl when her father used to take her to the cinemas.
Bukky Ajayi
The eloquent actress touched many hearts this year at the AMVCA after she got a standing ovation for her Industry Merit Award.
She said, “I wish I could stand up. But if I stand up I will fall down. Are you all standing for me? Thank you. I am very very grateful to you.”
Bukky Ajayi
The cause of her death is yet to be ascertained, initial reports suggest she died after a battle with heart-related issues.

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