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History: Do You Remember Late. Tajudeen Gbadamosi aka JACOB of Aderupoko’s Fame? [Photo]

A Tale Of Two Stars (Different Planets): "Weird Al" Yankovic / Late. Tajudeen  Gbadamosi aka JACOB.

Alfred Matthew Yankovic otherwise or popularly known as "Weird Al" is an established American actor, comedian, satirist and a notable parodist. His first record of a parody was released in 1976. From that time till around 2007, he has sold an upward of 12million albums. He has recorded more than 150 parodies and Original songs. He has appeared in more than 1,000 TV shows. His works has earned him 3 Grammy Awards amongst 9 nominations, 4 gold records, and 6 platinum records in the United States alone. All from making parodies or(non-sense) of pop culture. It suffice to suggest that no pop composition (including) HipHop is out of his inventful reach. Good for him!

There was Tajudeen Gbadamosi aka Jacob (of Jacob and PAPALOLO fame)
of the long defunct "Jesters International" consisting of the trio of Jacob, PAPALOLO and Aderupoko. They did exactly what "Weird Al" has done or still doing ('cept none played instruments but prop guitars with no strings). Jacob broke into the limelight around the same time 1976 (or probably before) on the "OLA OMONITAN (Ajimajasan) SHOW" Jacob and his later partner PAPALOLO, (the crooked walking sidekick) were men servants in the home of Ajimajasan (Olu OMONITAN) a local offshoot to the nationally viewed comedy half hour of Clarus Akabogwu and Gringori Mgbojigbwe of the Masquerade fame. Jacob made parodies of local songs, he did impressions and his appearance alone was a prop. He was diminutive and he was hunched-back. He was our own lovable Quasimodo of Victo Hugo's Hunchback of Notre-Dame.

The duo finally sets off on their own, with the formation of the JESTERS INTERNATIONAL tagging along a newer character called ADERUPOKO. They recorded comedic albums and songs, they scored their own TV show at OGTV (Ogun State Television). But for the minimal glory of the JESTERS, it amounted to, not even a drop in the bucket compared to that of "Weird Al". Jacob has been dead since 1985, and I am sure a whole lot has changed since then. He was not rich, he was not widely acclaimed and he was not hugely known outside of the Oyo-Ogun-Ondo-Lagos-Kwara axis. But one thing this wonderful man has going for his dead self is my fond memory of him, I hope to pass that on to my kids; and to total strangers on my ways, with mutual love for the natural weirdness of man called Comedy. "PA JACOB IS KU!" Do you remember him?

Certain facts about "Weird Al" were culled from Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia***

Thanks to Odolaye Aremu whose wall is a living testimony of our enviable past, exciting present and glorious future.

Culled from Odolaye Aremu's wall.

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