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Halliburton Scandal: US-Based Aisha Buhari Denies Link, Vows To Take Legal Action ...Prove Your Innocence, Fayose Dares Buhari's Wife

The “Aisha Buhari “Halliburton confusion has taken a dramatic twist, as the lady who shares the same name with the President’s wife, and whose passport was circulated, said she was not the person referred to in the bribery scandal.

According to her, some persons in government in Nigeria forged her passport.

Ex-EFCC boss, Ibrahim Lamorde had said the president’s wife was not the Aisha Buhari named in the scandal.

He also circulated a passport of this Aisha Buhari on social media.

Ms Buhari, speaking exclusively with The Street Journal Tuesday night, said she was never involved in the scandal and linking her name with it was most malicious and wicked.

According to Ms Buhari, the allegation “is like pouring water on a sleeping person. I have never done anything with Halliburton. I don’t know the colour of the company. I am not in the line of business with Halliburton, so linking me with the bribery is evil”, she averred.

Speaking further, Ms Buhari said the details contained in the write up, which were displayed side by side with the story, were crooned from her stolen passport.

“They are desperate to cover their dirty track and link my name with the scandal that they have to first of all steal my passport. My passport was stolen early this year. And to give credibility to their story, details from the passport were used. They should come to the US, to find out If they are curious about the case”, she said.

She reminded her detractors that once a crime is committed in the US such a person is brought to book, noting that she is a member of organisations in the US and she goes in and out of the States at will.

“If somebody commits crime in the US, he or she must face trial. Have you heard I am being tried in the US?” she queried.
”Let them stop this malicious allegation against me that they do not have proof of, I hate people who do not cross check facts before talking, they should find out in the US the kind of person I am because I belong to organisations there”, she said.

“If they think they are politician and can break the law and go free, they should realise that nobody is above the laws of a country including me”, she asserted.

On whether she is going to take legal action, she said:”I am talking with my Lawyers, they will determine that”, she summed. (The Street Journal)

Halliburton Scandal: Prove Your Innocence By Travelling To U.S, Fayose Dares Buhari’s Wife
Also, Ekiti state governor, Ayo Fayose  on Wednesday challenged the wife of the President, Hajia Aisha Buhari, to prove her innocence in the Halliburton scam by travelling to the United States, U.S.

Fayose had on Monday stated that the President’s wife was the person allegedly indicted by a US Court for transferring $170,000 to indicted US Congressman, Williams Jefferson, in the Halliburton scandal.

Though several sources including some media organizations said she was not the one implicated, Fayose insisted that Aisha Buhari had more to reveal than she had agreed to, stressing that, that was why she had refused to travel with her husband, President Muhammadu Buhari, on the three occasions he had visited the US since assuming power.

He added that rather than attend a conference to which she was invited, Hajia Buhari sent Toyin, the wife of the President of the Senate, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki.

Speaking in a statement issued through his Chief Press Secretary, Idowu Adelusi, on Wednesday, the Governor “challenged the president’s wife to visit the United States of America to convince Nigerians that she was not the Aisha Buhari mentioned in the judgment convicting William Jefferson.”

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