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Mr. Wale Adeoba
Wale Adeoba Productions Incorporated in conjunction with Kanbitoons Companyis most delighted to present the fourth edition of theOgo Yoruba Award (OYA) 2016 Awards to YOU!

The Ogo Yoruba Award (OYA)project which is in its fourth year considered by the industry watchers now to be bigger and better has concluded plans to stage the Nigeria edition in Lagos to herald the United States of America version projected to take place after the Lagos, Nigeria award ceremony on the 26th of June 2016 at the prestigious White House Hotels & Conference Hall, Toyin Street, Ikeja Lagos.

Information has it that theindigenous popular award positioned in celebrating glory beyond heritage and culture is a special exclusive event arranged to unite and amplify Nigerians that are doing good works irrespective of tribe, but not limited to Yoruba stars, entertainers and individuals to create fun, glamour and reward by honouring creativity and exemplary individual talents basically related to Yoruba tradition and culture in Nigeria and abroad by promoting the people that have secured high perception for Yoruba heritage in their respective talents and professions.

The epoch making award and event promise to have in attendance  notable  celebrities, other professionals e.g. actors, musicians, comedians, fashionistas, entertainers, models, media personnel, and  other achievers  from different walks of life to felicitate and associate with the recipients and awardees that are making the Yoruba tribe proud and unwind in a lighter mood .

The high octane award night would feature renowned artistes and comedians to add colour to the occasion as they give the top honourees,stars and personnel in various profession the award and mileage they deserve.

This project comes with huge opportunities to competitively position Nigerians and basically the Yorubas to take advantage of the Award to gain more recognition and create new cultural opportunities and basically interact and connect with other Nigerians in diaspora.
According to Mr. Wale Adeoba, the executive president of the OYA award 2016, he squealed that ‘the award has come to stay and he’s proud to say that, it is simply the best award for the best recipients’.

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