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Strange: New Generation Church Pastor Busted With Cow Head Buried Inside Church [See Photos]

Pastor Godfrey Mangwiro, who originally hails from Zimbabwe started his church, Revival for God in 2013 and has recently amassed a huge following.

All that seems like drama started during a Sunday service when congregants were dancing and something that looked like a nose poked from the ground.

The scared congregants quickly got hold off digging tools and got the shock of their lives when a cow’s head was dug up.

One congregant, Naledi, said : “This pastor recently started performing miracles and would heal people. Now we know his powers came from the dark world”.

After the incident, the pastor was chased away from the community and the church burnt. He was forced to take his cow head and charms found buried in the church with him too.

Some community members wanted to beat him up and kill him but the police rescued him and whisked him away.

It was not known where he went but some people suggested he might have gone back to his primary base.

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