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Dele Gold
Dele Gold, the talented musician born Dele Agbeyo is unarguably a talent that’s rare to find in the music industry in this part of the world.

The self-acclaimed Miliki Gospel King is from Usi, Ekiti State and he grew up in Faforiji, Osun State in Nigeria.

His initial interest in singing was cultivated from a series of dreams. And with the help and glory of the Almighty God coupled with the mentorship of Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey, the dream came true.

Just like Gold is a precious metal, Dele Gold is a unique act that has more than a decade-long experience as a resourceful gospel musician with class and melodious tunes which have made him become a household name and one of the most talented Gospel musicians in Africa.

Dele Gold has carved a classy niche for himself by fusing the Miliki genre of music in the industry with his highly energetic, innovative and original tunes to blend.

Dele Gold’s internationally accepted Gospel Miliki Music (GMM) is packed with deep messages, proverbs, praises and other oral literature in the Yoruba language.

You just need to see and get dazzled at Dele Gold’s live performances which are enchanting to both young and old alike who enjoy dancing to his robust talking drum backed beat and much more.

Dele Gold has a reputation of playing at basically sold-out concerts and frequently shares the stage with the likes of Sir Shina Peters, LanreTeriba (Atorise), and Abel Dosunmu (Mega 99) to name a few.

To keep the record straight he has a couple of steaming singles to his credit with evergreen collaboration with the best of the best in the music industry.
Dele Gold new trending release audio and video entitled- ‘Every Kneel’ is a compliment of his unique style and outstanding delivery of his musical prowess that is enjoying airplay on both terrestrial and digital satellite television stations and it is still the talk of the town.
Believe it or not, Dele Gold is definitely a sensational musician who has featured in high profile concerts, events and corporate functions with a unique performance that cuts across all genre of world music because of his versatility.
Dele Gold is positioned as a church starter in the Christendom with his brand of gospel music which has repositioned enjoyment for the Christians and good music lovers all over the world.
Dele Gold and His Prodel Band, are committed to establishing a strong reputation for exceptional gospel music service delivery that will not only guaranty results but ensures that their clients enjoy the best of their performances on and off the stage with memorable testimonies through what he tagged- GIVING LIFE TO GOSPEL MUSIC.

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