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Start Up A Business Today, Hesges Synergy Investment Plan Seminar “A Breakthrough”

Hesges Synergy Nigeria Limited, an investment plan to make your dream on businesses comes to reality on Saturday by organizing a free interactive Seminar at The Boat House Ogba, Lagos State.
During the seminar, they explain the benefits of being a subscriber, how to start and grow up business.
However, the speakers for the free seminar are Miss Oladoyin Taiwo – she talks on how inspiration and innovation can lead to a successful business.
Mr. Enahoro Benson Okhae is the second speaker while Mr. Seun Oloketuyi the third speaker speaks on how to sell your business on social Media.
Barr. Adetunji Adegboyega the CEO of Hesges Synergy talks about the company and how it is set up to assist masses to achieve their business aims in a short while.
Meanwhile, to subscribers of Hesges Synergy investment plan, we can say it is a good idea for one to start up a small scale business which will grow with test of time.

To become a member of Hesges synergy, the following are the steps you will have to take and the Benefits of being a subscriber.
1st step:
log on to , click on “Register”, fill in your details and pay just #1000naira for registration.
2nd step:
Subscribe #2000naira every Month.

Benefits :
After four (4) Months of your monthly subscription, the management of Hesges Synergy will call you to submit your Business proposals. It doesn’t have to be a new Business; it might be your already established business that needs expansion or just a proposal on a particular business you might want to go into.

Hesges Synergy is not lending you money with any interest; it’s a win-win system that will last for 3years. The only thing you will have to pay back is just a percentage in your monthly profits from the business.

If Hesges Synergy is funding the Business 100%, then they will be getting 50% of your monthly profits for 3years.
As a subscriber, you also have the opportunity to a discount shopping at any Hysges synergy stores and partners.

It’s a whole lot of opportunities for every subscriber.
For further inquiries, visit:
And for contact details:
Tel:  +23490-900-00396
Bbm: 7963401b
WhatsApp: +23490-900-003-97

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